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Tips to Write with Good Grammar

Hi guys!

Writing... must be tiring, right?

Especially when we reread the sentences and found some minor mistakes that make us give up and want start a blank page again because we are grammar maniac. However, not all of the time we manage to detect grammatical errors in our writing because we are human.

...but, it's not an excuse. Good news, we can fix it!

First, if you're an intermediate or beginner English user. You may use a simpler word in your writing. The one that you are more familiar. Have a translator site on the new tab or dictionary on your side. Don't feel down if you are not that good, at least you are trying to not making mistake and keep learning.

Short of time to flip the dictionary pages?

Well, you can plug in some grammar checker on your browser. I always recommend you to set Grammarly as your browser extension. Why? Because it's very easy to detect your errors and immediately suggest you the right spelling and sentence structure.

Reread you sentences again and again until you feel it's ready to go. If you still doubt it, seek for some bits of help from your acquaintances to check it for you. Different eyes see things in a different way. Don't underestimate your buddy.

Keep yourself settle down and chill. Don't rush when you are writing, otherwise, you are making trash. Your grammar will be messed up and need time to fix it. It's a waste of time. Try to write it slowly and put some passion on it. It helps to beautify your sentence.

Call it a day and continue it next time.

As mentioned above, don't rush. If you feel so numb and already about to die, go and have some rest, make yourself a cup of mild coffee. Who knows some new ideas will pop up in your mind while sipping your drink. Additionally, you will be more focus after some rest, thus more errors will be detected.

Improve your speaking skill because it's obviously related to writing skill. Other than listening to English songs and watching English movies, try some new things on the internet such as having an online class through the Skype to improve your speaking skill. I would suggest Lingostan for this. It provides you the opportunities to speak and learn with the native speaker in your free time. It's so convenient.

So are you still thinking that writing with a good grammar really needs a professional writing skill? As long as you focus on what you are writing and have a peaceful mind, you are good to go.

...and don't forget to learn from your mistakes. Improve yourself time to time is the best way to success.



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Hi guys!

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SMH... What Have I Done?

"Eh, what have I done?"

Social media, email, chat, streaming and even blogging, it's easy to become engaged in a technology; communication gadget specifically. It has become a normal thing that people turn to their gadget for connection to others rather than face to face conversation.

This can be a great thing! There is a lot of advantages, cut the cost, save time, easy file sharing but it can also go too far until we become detached from our physical world society. Technologies are usually at their best when used as a tool to finish tasks and not as a portal into an online existence that dominates our life.

Online communities have become very real, significant and help millions feel more connected, but they must not take the place of our physical life community.

Writing, it takes time and silent. Some nights, I locked myself in my room just to brainstorm a new post for my blog updates until I realized, "Eh, what have I done? I should spend time with family!"

Then I stopped my halfway works and go for them.

But, honestly, when I'm blogging and be in the community, I feel like being a part of a like-minded people even though some of them are way older or younger than me. I feel more confident though it was just online.

At first, I thought that it was not easy for me to get myself into it because of the age barrier obviously. I'm scared if my way of thinking may be different and can't be accepted. (I'll blog on this later.) Slowly, I adapt to get along with them despite it's fluctuating hahaha but I'm working on it.

For your information, SMH typically means "Shake My Head". It expresses disapproval, disagreement, or speechlessness; used when something is so bad that you just shake your head; can also mean, "I disagree," "I can't believe it," or "Not again...

It's a modern youngster short form language that I also sometimes lost in the middle of the crowd because I used to type at full length tho (blogging effect). There are lots more, you can try to google them if you have free time.

Back to the main point, I was trying to say that we must balance both reality and virtuality. After all, no one wants to live a lonely and detached life.

Take care,

What Are The Various Advantages of Learning a Language Online?


What are the various advantages of learning a language online?

Of course, everyone would love to help his or her child learn a second or third language. Despite various studies showing that it is easier to learn a language online, anyone that learns how to speak multiple languages tends to have a better verbal skill in his or her primary language than those who only know one. Children may have opportunities to learn languages at their schools, but this varies by the school; perhaps you might want to consider enrolling him or her for online classes for the following reasons.

Why one ought to consider learning a language online
While most schools offer to teach language at high school level, or even late middle-high school, the opportunity to start the kids when really young is almost passed. Fitting more than one language can even turn a nightmare. However, taking online classes can be beneficial for the various reasons;

One is able to choose more than one language option

While many physical schools are limited to only one language, how about taking on more than one language? Typical online schools allow you to learn any language of your choice at your convenience.

You’ll have the opportunity to fit classes into your busy schedules
Most people cannot learn a foreign language due to their tight daily schedules. That’s alright! By learning a language online, you can schedule your classes outside the normal routines.

You’ll learn at your own pace

While some people are very adept at picking up new languages, a number of people take longer. However, unlike the formal classes, learning a language online allows students a chance to work at his or her own speed. One might probably take his or her classes in the late afternoon, evening, morning or even on the weekends; whichever time he or she feels is best to learn a new language.

Lingostan is a website that I’ve tried in order to improve my English, speaking with a native teacher, so I know what are the advantages of learning a language online.

AdPixo AdNetwork : An Alternative to Adsense


Hi guys!

Are you still waiting for Adsense approval even though you have tried many ways to seduce them?

... or you have been scammed by many Ad Network before. (Sadly, I also got scammed twice tho)

Today I want to share with you an alternative to Adsense.

Beside SushiVid (which I got RM1** from it), I introduce you to a new branch of AdNetwrok called AdPixo.

At first, I thought it's another wasted scam AdNetwork so I promise myself if it's great then I will share it with you guys! Surprisingly, it's worth it and the CPM is also high!

Thank God, I registered last 4 days and today I already have $4.74 in my account. (which is way better than Adsense)

What is AdPixo?

Adpixo is a new branch of AdNetwork Popunder founded in Singapura under Mediaturn Pte. Ltd.

AdPixo is a and innovative popunder advertising network dedicated to work exclusively with premium pop under ads. AdPixo guarantees clean and high quality of ads having 100% fill rate.

It's sort of pop-up ads but you can control the frequency and the type of ads. You can set how many times you would like it to pop-up on your page. Although they are new, they have a good number of features to attract advertisers and publishers.

What I love about AdPixo are:

- The dashboard is super friendly
- Can block the type of ads that you don't want
- Anti-fraud
- Payment in USD
- The pop-up rarely annoys our reader.
- The most important, it's fast approval!
- ...and the minimal cashout is $10.

My blog was approved for only 10 minutes and yours might be faster! ...now I am waiting to request for my first cash out.

It also provides a 24 hours Live Chat with their support team. If you have any enquires, you can straightly ask them through it. It's so convenient.

How about you give it a try. Maybe this would be another source of your blog income.

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p/s: Well, you can try to register SushiVid too. It offers a referral program that worth RM2500! Click here to join SushiVid

Congratulations! The End Year Bloglist Winner

Hi guys!

As I promised, tonight will be another glorious night for me to announce Amerzing End Year Bloglist result.

First and foremost, I would like to wish gazillion thanks to all participants that feel free to join my humble bloglist. You guys are amerzing! Thank you.

So, here we go, the luckiest blogger goes to our 5th participant, https://messarah.blogspot.my/ !!
5th participant
Congratulation to Sarah, please check your email. Something special is coming!

Thank you very much again to all 23 participants. I wouldn't be this happy and survive in this blogosphere without you guys. You enlighten my life. :)

I'm so sorry if there's anything wrong with us like miscommunication and stuff since I started blogging. I hope we can be the best community. Thank you for having me here.

Without wasting any time, the bloglist is on air!